Give the campus a mini-makeover

York is not in need of an extreme makeover – but it could do with a spring cleaning. On Friday, April 23 at 2pm, join co-workers and classmates to help spruce up the Keele campus. York staff, faculty and students already do a good job in limiting litter, but an extra push is needed to give York a fresh look.

“President Lorna R. Marsden has informed Toronto Mayor David Miller that York University will be taking part in the City of Toronto’s 20-Minute Makeover,” said Ross McMillan, executive officer of the University’s Student Centre. “The mayor has challenged all universities and colleges to actively participate in this event and York is meeting this challenge with a robust display of civic pride.

“The concept is simple: Come outside and do a 20-minute clean-up blitz around your workplace area. Think how quickly we could clean the city and York University with just a small amount of time and individual effort!”

There are two easy ways to participate.

  • Speak to your co-workers/supervisors and decide on an area you wish to clean on campus. From there, please contact Ross McMillan at or ext. 20446, to register. Special garbage bags and gloves will be given to you in advance, while supplies last. Even if only a couple of people take part, please let McMillan know.
  • The University has arranged for a central meeting area for people who want to join others in the cleanup of the campus. Gather in the lobby of the Student Centre between1:45 and 2:30pm as organizers assemble cleanup teams to beautify the campus.

If you are interested in coordinating efforts at Glendon or any of York’s other locations, or have any questions regarding this matter, please contact McMillan. For further information on the 20-Minute Makeover blitz, as well as the mayor’s Community Clean-up Day, click here.

Safety Tips

  • Remember to be safe when you’re on the hunt for litter.
  • Wear appropriate and protective clothing (boots, gloves etc.).
  • Wear a hat or sunscreen if necessary.
  • Pick up litter in your gloved hand and carry your bag in the other.
  • Do not pick up strange articles that may be dangerous. Don’t pick up anything that looks sharp (e.g. used needles).
  • Do not take any risks attempting to reach litter in hard-to-get-to places (up a tree, down a steep incline, in rapidly flowing water, on slippery surfaces etc.).