Ian Greene to become Master of McLaughlin College

Vice-President Students Bonnie Neuman has announced the appointment of Ian Greene,  political science professor in the Faculty of Arts, as Master of McLaughlin College for a five-year term beginning July 1, 2004.

In her announcement, Neuman said: “Professor Greene is an active long-time Fellow of McLaughlin College who has shown continuing support for college activities and in the search articulated a clear vision for the future of the college. Greene has served in a wide range of administrative positions at the University including his current position of Vice-Chair of Senate. Greene’s research has focused on the judicial system in Canada and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. His work in research, teaching and administration has prepared him well to undertake this special role in the College.

“McLaughlin is a lively and interesting college, and the past college leadership has been exemplary. I want to thank Professor David Shugarman for his 11 years of enthusiastic commitment and dedicated leadership to the McLaughlin College community.

“Many thanks are also due to those who offered comment or participation in the search for a new Master. In particular, I want to thank members of the search committee who so effectively worked to identify and select candidates of a very high calibre. Please join me in extending thanks to: Professor Barbara Dodge (Chair), Professor Diana Cooper-Clark (representing the Council of Masters), Professor Jerry Ginsburg and Terry Conlin (Fellows), Heather Mountford (student representative), Lilian Polsinelli (staff), Professor Frances Flint (representing the dean, Faculty of Arts) and Mary Verrilli (administrative support).”