Ottawa wants bus rapid transit service to York

An expected $1-billion boost to Toronto’s transit system calls for the federal government, the province and the city each to put up $350-million over five years for improvements and some expansion-related projects, reported the Globe and Mail March 30, anticipating the official announcement the same day. The newspaper said its sources say the federal government wants to direct funding to two new bus rapid transit services, one from the top of the Yonge subway line into York Region and the other from Downsview, the northern terminus of the Spadina subway line, to York University. The bus rapid transit service would be a first step toward a full-fledged subway link to York and there would also be funding for an environmental assessment for a future subway line to the University, said the Globe.

Canadian Press reported March 29 that the transit system needs $3.8 billion over 10 years for its state-of-good-repair budget and another $3.5 billion over 10 years if it is to expand the subway to York and complete the Sheppard line east to the Scarborough Town Centre. The Toronto Sun reported March 30 that building reserved transit lanes on Dufferin Street from Downsview station up to the hydro corridor and over to York will start in 2005. The TTC said this will build ridership, paving the way for a subway, said the Sun.

TTC general manager Rick Ducharme wants to expand the subway to York University, reported CBC TV’s “Canada Now” in Toronto March 29 on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the TTC subway. CTV’s “NewsNet Evening” provided a breakdown of the $1 billion coming from the federal government to the TTC and mentioned expanding subway service to York.

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