Fridge – not Fringe – Festival…


Starting today, York’s Theatre Glendon presents Fridge Festival 2004 Glendon’s annual, action-packed, student-produced theatre. The collection of 10 new and exciting performances runs from Tuesday, March 30, to Saturday, April 3, at Glendon’s York Hall, 2275 Bayview Ave. As the advance publicity about Fridge Festival 2004 says, the productions are sure to knock your socks off!

With the new and improved mega-festival format, you can see any weekday shows for free. Or you can take in up to five plays at once at the pay-what-you-can Friday or Saturday matinee (3pm) and evening (8pm) group showings.

To make reservations, call 416-487-6822. Check the Theatre Glendon booking calendar for a complete listing and showtimes or drop by the York Hall box office.

Featured productions include:

  • 27 Wagons Full of Cotton by Tennessee Williams
  • One Butterfly by Melissa Major
  • The Bush Administration by Kaela Gillan with Tara Gerlich
  • Penetration by Erin Elliot
  • Elsewhere, Fast by Shannon Maguire
  • A Stale Tale by Naomi Knight
  • Forever and Never by Varsha Deokaran & Roxzann Rampersad
  • This is a Play by Daniel MacIvor
  • Higher Learning by Angela James
  • Yarana Stupefied by Dan Cohen