Israeli children’s art work on tour

A recent campus art display with Jewish and Arab components was received warmly by all who saw it, reported Canadian Jewish News March 18. “The Art & Soul of Peace Through Humor,” which was displayed in the high-traffic York Lanes indoor mall on Feb. 26, was created by Jewish and Arab children in Israel between 1995 and 1998. According to Lance Davis, director of National Jewish Campus Life – a Toronto-based national resource for Jewish campus groups – 3,000 to 4,000 people a day pass through York Lanes, “and, I would say, one out of 10 people stop.” The stop at York followed and preceded similar displays at American and other Canadian campuses.

On air

  • York University media relations director Nancy White spoke with The Motts, CFRB radio afternoon hosts March 18 about a student demonstration two days earlier on the Keele campus. White told listeners the university was disappointed that the demonstration moved inside which is prohibited under rules that both student groups are aware of. She said disciplinary letters were being sent to the organizers of the demonstrations and that further action was being considered. Emphasizing York’s policy of openness, tolerance and respect for all members of its community, White held up Shalom-Salam, a mixed student group promoting constructive discussion of Middle East politics, as an example of non-confrontational, alternative debate taking place on campus.
  • Ian Greene, political science professor in York’s Faculty of Arts, said Alfonso Gagliano’s testimony at the Public Works Committee is a classic example of passing the buck, but government ministers typically do not know what is happening in their departments, on “680 News” (CFTR-AM) March 18.
  • Carl James, a professor in York’s Faculty of Education and an expert on racial profiling said Kelowna, BC, needs to be more welcoming to people of different cultural backgrounds, reported “CHBC News at Noon” in Kelowna March 16.
  • Marshall McCall, astronomy professor in York’s Faculty of Pure & Applied Science, talked about the giant meteorite that will safely pass Earth – being the closest miss in recorded history, on CTV’s “Newsnet Evening” March 18.
  • York University Lions won their first game in the quarter-finals at the CIS National Basketball Championship, reported Global TV’s “Sportsline” March 18 in a recap of action at the Canadian University Men’s Basketball Championship.