York disappointed by demonstration in academic building

York University will send a letter of reprimand to two campus groups for violating the school’s rules for demonstrations, reported the Toronto Star March 18. “We were disappointed the groups went inside an academic building, which is a prohibited venue for demonstrations under York’s guidelines,” said York University spokesperson Nancy White about a demonstration on March 16 that involved pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli students. The students moved inside Vari Hall for their demonstration and used bullhorns that could have disrupted classes.

Seymour Schulich glad to pay taxes in Canada

“I made my money in this country. I owe this country something for giving me the opportunity to make my money here,” Seymour Schulich, York’s most generous benefactor, told the National Post’s Diane Francis in a column about rich people moving their fortunes offshore and never paying taxes again in Canada. “And I think anybody who goes and runs off to avoid taxes is not being loyal. If you don’t like the way the country is run you have a duty to stay in order to try to work and make it better. You don’t make it better by running and sitting on your pile of money offshore,” he said. “Fortunately, for every one of these guys there are 10 of us that don’t do this.”  Schulich has given away millions to universities and hospitals and is about to announce another major donation to the benefit of Canadian society. He is probably Canada’s most savvy investor, but has rejected moving offshore.

“My family’s here, my grandchildren are here and I made my money here. Say what you want, I think you owe allegiance to the place which gave you the opportunities,” he said. “I would say to these guys who leave, ‘It’s okay to take your money and run, but don’t ever come back,’ ” said Schulich.

Senate needs an ethics czar

Ian Greene, a professor of political science in York’s Faculty of Arts, supports Bill C-4, the legislation that would set up an ethics commissioner for the House of Commons and an ethics officer for the Senate as part of the Liberal government’s democratic reforms, reported the Ottawa Citizen March 18. He told the Senate’s committee on rules, procedures and the rights of Parliament that “this is a step in the right direction and it’s been 31 years in coming. It’s time that we moved forward.” Greene told senators their office lacked “any great deal of legitimacy” among much of the public. “If some kind of legislation isn’t put in place you’ll have even less legitimacy,” Greene told the committee.

York considered for Argos stadium

The Toronto Sun March 18 reported that a meeting was held between the President of York’s Development Corporation and the Argos to explore whether a new stadium could be built at York. Sources indicated that the University of Toronto will factor heavily in the mix and mentioned that York offers the best parking and highway access and provides an ideal connection point to the greatest number of people.  According to the sources, a decision is expected on the stadium location within a month.

On air

  • Howard Daugherty, environmental studies professor  at York, was interviewed about the University teaming up with Timothy’s World Coffee on a marketing shade-grown coffee from Costa Rica, in an item that aired on CBC Radio’s national “Business Network” and “Morningwatch” in Windsor March 17. The coffee deal was also mentioned on “The Morning Show” on CFPL-AM in London, on Global TV’s “Global News Morning” and CFTR-AM’s “Early AM Business” in Toronto March the same day.
  • Spanish historian Adrian Shubert, of York’s Faculty of Arts and associate VP international at York, was asked whether the bomb blast in Baghdad and the devastating bomb attack in Spain were victories for or blows against terrorism, on TVO’s “Studio 2” March 17.
  • Irving Abella, history professor in York’s Faculty of Arts, Shiff Professor of Canadian Jewish History and author of None Is Too Many, related the tale of how the Granite Club on Bayview Avenue was forced into changing policy on restricting Jews, to host Andy Barrie on CBC Radio’s “Toronto @ Ten” March 17.
  • Bob MacDermid, political science professor in York’s Faculty of Arts, predicted the federal budget will be efficient in view of the extensive experience of Prime Minister Paul Martin as finance minister, on CFTR-AM’s “680 News” in Toronto March 17.
  • David Noble, social science professor in York’s Faculty of Arts, was a speaker at an Ottawa conference, Public Record: the Scholar and the State, broadcast on Canada’s Political Channel’s “Morning” March 16.