Art of an abstract, mathematical kind – student symposium


“Intersections: Approaches to Visual Culture,” York’s annual art history graduate student symposium, will be held Friday, March 19, from 9am to 6pm, in Room 338 of the Joan & Martin Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts.

This year’s theme has the trappings of a theoretical physicist with critical thinkers addressing subjects that fall somewhere in the abstract “inbetween”. Like the string-theory mathematician, they will be pushing the parameters of conventional thinking past three dimensions.

Symposium coordinator Rosalynd Ronson, York graduate student in art history, explains, “There has been much criticism of disciplinary rigidity throughout the decade, with arguments for and against delineated or deconstructing boundaries. At the same time, insightful and innovative philosophy and thinking have resulted from interdisciplinary discussions. For this symposium, we are addressing the ‘inbetween’, that liminal space that is neither distinctly one nor the other discipline. We are concerned with unconventional modes of thinking, which incorporate different disciplines, and/or those that push the boundaries.”

This gathering of participants includes students from various departments and disciplines at York University, Carleton University, Concordia University, University of Calgary, University of Guelph and University of Western Ontario.

Admission is free and all are welcome to attend. For a full symposium schedule, click here.

York’s Faculty of Fine Arts sent the above article to YFile.