York celebrates NSERC’s 25th anniversary

York University helped celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) on March 10 with a special visit and lecture by NSERC President Tom Brzustowski.

Left: NSERC President Tom Brzustowski addresses the audience of York researchers 

The NSERC president, who spent the entire day at York, toured several research centres and labs and held a roundtable discussion with the Chairs of York’s NSERC-funded Departments. He gave a thought-provoking lecture to faculty members and students in which he outlined his vision for the future of science and engineering research in Canada.

Later in the day, Brzustowski joined Lorna R. Marsden, York’s president & vice-chancellor and Stan Shapson, York vice-president research & innovation, at a special awards ceremony and reception to honour 39 York researchers.

The council has supported many York professors, students (including undergraduate and graduate) and postdoctoral fellows during its history. The 39 York faculty members were recognized for important research achievements that have contributed to the sum total of human knowledge and the advancement of the economic and social well-being of Canadians over the 25 years of NSERC’s existence.

Last year alone NSERC provided over 55 York researchers more than $5.5 million in grants for projects such as molecular evolution of nucleoside transporters, the deployment of visual attention to emotionally expressive faces, studies of the chemistry of the atmosphere using analytical spectroscopy, and voice interface for wireless personal hand-held devices.

“York is a major beneficiary of NSERC’s research programs and funding,” said Stan Shapson, York vice-president research & innovation. “We congratulate both NSERC as it celebrates it 25th year and our world-class NSERC-funded researchers. York has a very strong history of excellence in science research and we look forward to York’s ongoing and significant role as NSERC moves into its next 25 years.”


Above: Thirty-nine York researchers received an award from NSERC for their achievements

York is home to some of the world’s most innovative science and engineering researchers. The York faculty members recognized by NSERC for 25 years of research achievements are:

Keith Aldridge (earth and atmospheric science)
Eshrat Arjomandi (computer science)
Diethard Bohme (physical chemistry)
Robert Burns (mathematics and stats)
Brian Colman (biology)
Wade Cook (management science)
Barrie Coukell (biology)
Jurij Darewych (physics)
Brock Fenton (biology)
Arthur Forer (biology)
Helen Freedhoff (physics)
Michael Friendly (psychology)
Brent Heath (biology)
John Heddle (biology)
Alan Hill (geography)
Alan Hopkinson (chemistry)
Ian Howard (psychology and biology)
Kimmo Innanen (physics and astronomy)
James Laframboise (physics and astronomy)
Edward Lee-Ruff (chemistry)
Barry Lever (chemistry)
Clifford Leznoff (chemistry)
John McConnell (earth and atmospheric science)
John Miller (physics and astronomy)|
Peter Moens (biology)
Martin Muldoon (mathematics and stats)
Ralph Nicholls (physics and astronomy)
Hiroshi Ono (psychology)
Ron Pearlman (biology)
Joan Wick Pelletier (mathematics and stats)
Robert Prince (physics and astronomy)
David Regan (psychology and biology)
Saber Saleuddin (biology)
Gordon Shepherd (earth and atmospheric science)
Douglas Smylie (earth and atmospheric science)
Allan Stauffer (physics and astronomy)
Martin Steinbach (psychology and biology)
Rod Webb (biology)
Frances Wilkinson (psychology)

York has a long and distinguished history of NSERC-supported research. Visit the Research Web site at http://www.research.yorku.ca/home/index.html.