York conference targets racism

The Feb. 19 Jewish Tribune carried a lengthy report about an international conference entitled “Racism: Guises and Disguises”, held recently at York University, and credited York’s Michael Brown, humanities professor, Faculty of Arts, and Mark Weber, languages, literatures and linguistics professor, for having organized the event. Students and educators from Canada, Germany and Poland came together at York University last week to explore how best to counter racism – including anti-Semitism – through teaching about the Holocaust, said the piece. The article quoted many of the speakers who took part, including Brown, who is also past director of York’s Centre for Jewish Studies. “This new anti-Semitism is building on the old anti-Semitic infrastructure which is still hanging around in Europe and North America.,” he said.

 On Air

  • Rachel Turkienicz, course director in York’s Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, Faculty of Arts, was on CRS-TV’s “Michael Coren Live” Feb. 26 and, with fellow guests, discussed Mel Gibson’s film, The Passion of Christ, in terms of the quality of the movie and the possible impact it may have.