House dances his way to 25 years

“The youthful face of Christopher House beaming a typically mischievous smile from the house program for Toronto Dance Theatre’s current hometown season belies the fact that, at age 48, he is now marking his 25th year with the company, the last 10 as its artistic director,” began a Feb. 26 review by the National Post’s Michael Crabb. “House has not generally been the sort to dwell in the past. His success as a choreographer – and he’s been making dances since his York University student days [during the 1970s] – derives from his willingness to keep moving forward in a process of continuous rebirth.”

Fare hike could hurt students

York University sociology student Shamini Selvaratnam says constant public transit fare hikes add to the already high cost of going to university, reported the Toronto Star Feb. 26 in a story about the province giving municipalities gasoline tax revenue based on transit rider numbers. “Public transit is a crucial service for us,” said Selvaratnam, who said it can take two buses and two subway rides – almost two hours – to get to York from Scarborough. “If the TTC has to raise its fares because it’s not receiving funding from the government, students just can’t afford to keep paying the higher fees for education, for transit.”