Catch the Kaleidoscope


Today at 3pm, the Kaleidoscope Radio Show on York’s CHRY 105.5 FM will focus on the issues of HIV and social awareness in Asia today. Guests on the program will discuss “The New Age Plague – here to stay?: HIV and social awareness”. Listeners are invited to tune in to the radio station or visit CHRY online, and join the discussion by calling ext. 55656. You can also e-mail the show at

The AIDS issue has been a major problem in the African continent, but Canadians may know less about the increasing problem of HIV in Asian countries like China, Thailand and Japan. The show will try to shed some light on the issues surrounding the disease, such as:

  • the effects on women and children
  • government response to the increased number of cases
  • funding of vaccination

Appearing on the show are Seema Opal, from Asian Community AIDS Service (ACAS), and John Ho, a Kaleidoscope reporter.

The Kaleidoscope Radio Show’s mandate is to engage the York community in dialogue and debate on the impact of international issues on the York community. It is sponsored by York International and the Office of Student Affairs.

More about today’s program

The show will consider the increasing problem posed by HIV/AIDS around the world, and will begins with a discussion of the social and economic effects of the disease in Africa, where it has created a large number of orphans, and where the cycle of decline that inflicts families living with HIV means that it is difficult for them to get out of their economic rut. The battle to make generic, low cost drugs available to people in such places will also be examined. In addition, the program will consider the increasing cause for concern in more economically developed countries, where the availability of drugs has caused many people to take risks. Guests will also touch on the likely impact of a cure, if and when it is found, in light of the fact that areas that may need it most, such as Africa and Asia, may be least able to afford it.