Theatre Glendon presents a ‘slapstick tragedy’


Controversial Serbian playwright, activist and artist Biljana Srbljanovic portrays her native war-ravaged city in York’s Theatre Glendon production of Family Stories: Belgrade, in what has been called a “slapstick tragedy.”

Directed by Aleksandar Lukac, the play starts at 8pm daily and runs from Tuesday, Feb. 24, to Saturday, Feb. 28, at York’s Glendon College, York Hall, 2275 Bayview Avenue at Lawrence, in Toronto. Tickets are $6, and $3 for students.

Advance publicity about the play says, “The audience is introduced to a myriad of adult actors portraying children playing house in a violent and dysfunctional family amongst the ruins of Belgrade. The children mimic the domestic brutality that is present in their own, unseen homes. Srbljanovic’s absurd and farcical account of Serbia depicts the devolution of a society that has been destroyed and degraded by war.”

Left: Biljana Srbljanovic

Biljana Srbljanovic’s work has been translated into more than 20 languages and has been performed in over 80 theatres. Her work has provoked diverse reactions ranging from being accused of being “a Serb hater” to being “a leader of young intellectuals.”

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