Intercut — an innovative slice of theatre

Intercut, an entertaining evening of staged readings from original scripts by aspiring screenwriters from the Department of Film & Video, performed by students from the Department of Theatre, will be presented Wednesday, Feb. 11, at 8pm in the Eleanor Winters Art Gallery, Room 123, Winters College.

Right: Nathalie Stechysin plays Clara in Tod and narrates for Por La Razon o la Fuerza

Emphasizing process and growth, this annual collaborative event gives student screenwriters the opportunity to sharpen their scriptwriting technique while allowing theatre students to bring their acting skills to the stage.

Left: K. Clare Johnson plays Erin in Only the Waves and Sister Monica in Harmony

Audience feedback is invited, giving future arts and culture journalists the chance to react critically to the works-in-progress and share their impressions with their peers. Intercut will feature dramatized excerpts from five screenplays, each about 10 to 15 minutes in length:

  • In Silver Road by Bill Taylor (4th-year undergraduate screenwriting), the main character Danny visits his friend Mark before leaving for Toronto and reveals a secret.
  • Erin, a surly 17-year-old struggles with fitting in and dealing with her emotional responses to events in her life in Only the Waves by Morgan Passi (4th-year undergraduate production).

Right: Mark Ingram plays William in Only the Waves and Umberto in Por La Razon o la Fuerza

  • Harmony by Darby Harris (1st-year graduate screenwriting) takes place in 1983 on the Little Shell Reserve and the main character, 16-year-old Harmony, strikes an attitude towards the discord in her life.
  • In Tod by David Collins (2nd-year graduate screenwriting), a single mother, on her own with her seven-year-old son Tod, is emotionally dealing with her past, present and future.
  • Por La Razon o la Fuerza by Felipe Arasanz (4th-year undergraduate screenwriting) features the reflections of 17-year-old Sebastian growing up in the 1970s in Chile during the Pinochet coup.

The participating actors are:

Graduate students: Kate Fenton, Mark Ingram, K. Clare Johnson, Ginette Mohr, John Paul Saurine, Keland Scher, Adam Seybold, D’Arcy Smith, Nathalie Stechysin and Brad Gibson.

Right: Kate Fenton plays Linda in Only the Waves and Harmony in Harmony

Third-year undergraduate students: Emily Bartlett, Vince Galea, Siobham Giles-Murphy, Jennifer Young, Justin Darmanin, Beryl Bain, Mark Gibson, Kristen Hager and Matthew Miller.

If you’re a movie enthusiast or a wannabe film critic, this event is for you! Admission to Intercut is free. Refreshments will be provided. Intercut is sponsored by Winters College. 


Left: John Paul Saurine plays Evan in Only the Waves and Sebastian in Por La Razon o la Fuerza

Mary-Lou Schagena, publicist in the Faculty of Fine Arts, sent this article to YFile.