Atkinson College honours its best and brightest

Diana Cooper-Clark performed double duty as master of Atkinson College and master of ceremonies on Saturday, Jan. 24, when Atkinson’s best and brightest students were honoured at its annual student awards ceremony and reception at Michelangelo’s Restaurant.

Right: Master Diana Cooper-Clark as master of ceremonies during the student awards ceremony

The event was hosted by the Offices of the Master and the Dean, and the Atkinson Students’ Association. The event gave the Faculty an opportunity to honour 51 of its students who had received major program scholarships, essay and creative writing prizes, book prizes, memorial scholarships and other awards. The Atkinson Alumni Association also presented two awards, including the 2003 Teaching Award to Professor Claudio Duran (School of Analytic Studies & Information Technology, and School of Arts & Letters).

York President & Vice-Chancellor Lorna R. Marsden greeted students and other guests, and thanked those involved in the scholarship process at the University. Atkinson Dean Rhonda Lenton added welcoming and closing remarks.

Five Ojibway members of the Chippewa Travellers Drum group performed a sacred ceremonial song to honour everyone attending the event.


Left: Members of the Chippewa Travellers Drum group performed at the ceremony

York music students Aidan Miller (piano), James McEleney (bass), George Karounos (trumpet) and Daniel Stadnicki (drums) performed jazz selections during the reception and dinner hour.

The following students are the Atkinson Student Award recipients for 2003:

  • Andrea Aegerter – Beverley Margaret Reynolds Memorial Scholarship
  • Paula Anderton – William R. Coleman Essay Prize in Humanities
  • Corrina Arsenault – The Dr. Wilson A Head Memorial Scholarship
  • Marnie Bernstein – Major Program Scholarship (Women’s Studies)
  • Anne Bird – Major Program Scholarship (Urban Studies) and the George H. Michie Memorial Scholarship Award
  • Patrick Boekhoud – The Stefan Jankowski Scholarship
  • Geraldine Carson – Major Program Scholarship (Canadian Studies)
  • Amanda Clark – Major Program Scholarship (Social Work)
  • Julia Collins – Major Program Scholarship (Social Science)
  • Christopher Cornish – Major Program Scholarship (English)
  • Julie Couto – Harry S. Crowe Essay Prize
  • Luc Croteau – The Thomas Henry Leith Memorial Scholarship
  • Dimitry Dimitropoulos – YUFA Scholarship
  • Dian Emery – Major Program Scholarship (Health Studies)
  • Martha Francis – Marta Danylewycz Essay Prize
  • Ying Han – Major Program Scholarship (Business Economics)
  • Susan Hopcroft – Atkinson Students’ Association Scholarship and The Christopher Beattie Essay Prize
  • Viyaleta Kachan – Ontario Real Estate Association Prize
  • Victoria Kannen – The Melissa J. Knauer Essay Prize
  • Margaret Keresteci – Major Program Scholarship (Liberal Studies)
  • Reid Kerr – Atkinson Students’ Association Scholarship
  • Erik Konopka – Major Program Scholarship (History)
  • Cuilan Li – Atkinson Students’ Association Scholarship
  • Svetlana Lilova – YUFA Scholarship
  • Katrina Longfield – YUFA Scholarship
  • Irene McEwan – Atkinson Students’ Association Scholarship
  • Diane McKinlay – The Ron Bordessa Prize
  • Janice Meighan – Major Program Scholarship (Religious Studies)
  • Teri Murduff – Major Program Scholarship (Nursing)
  • Zhiyun Pan – Major Program Scholarship (Administrative Studies)
  • André  Parent – YUFA Scholarship
  • Adrienne Prata Tyler – Major Program Scholarship (Psychology)
  • Nemanja Protic – The Matthew Ahern Memorial Prize
  • Suzanne Quinsey – Major Program Scholarship (Humanities)
  • Laura Reive – Stanley Fefferman Prize in Creative Writing
  • Geoffrey Robinson – Atkinson Students’ Association Scholarship
  • Elaine Ryan – Major Program Scholarship (Sociology)
  • Miroslav Savic – Major Program Scholarship (Philosophy)
  • Inna Shpirnova – The Eugene H. Zimmerman Memorial Prize
  • Jakub Smetana – Major Program Scholarship (Economics)
  • Lina Smoum – Major Program Scholarship (Political Science)
  • Andrew Sutherland – The John A. Sheran Memorial Scholarship
  • Debra Swartz – Major Program Scholarship (Human Resources)
  • Jian Tong – Sally Murray Findley Memorial Scholarship
  • Jia Wen – Major Program Scholarship (Computer Science)
  • Velvet Wilson – Stanley Fefferman Prize in Creative Writing
  • Suk Ching Wu – George H. Michie Memorial Scholarship Award
  • Beverlea Young – Major Program Scholarship (Fine Arts)
  • Ruogu Zhang – Major Program Scholarship (Information Technology)

The Atkinson Alumni Association Award recipients for 2003 are:

  • Professor Claudio Duran – 2003 Teaching Award
  • Hyacinth Owen – Barry Tenhouse Book Prize