Theatre Glendon mounts devilishly funny docudrama

It is the late 1920s into the early 1930s in Stalin’s Soviet country of fear. People are disappearing, being arrested, exiled. The state is dominating literature, science, sport and even thought. How can one rebel against such a force? Russia’s OBERIU (The Association of Real Art) found a way – at least, according to playwright and fourth-year student Melissa Major, who is taking a double major in drama studies and psychology at York’s Glendon College.

Major’s docudrama, Art is a Cupboard, is making its public debut at 8pm on Thursday, Feb. 5, and runs to Saturday, Feb. 7, at Glendon College in York Hall, 2275 Bayview Ave. at Lawrence. There will be a preview performance on Wednesday, Feb. 4, at 8pm.

Major took actual pieces written by members of OBERIU and wrote dialogue around them, based on real events. Through what is billed as a devilishly funny yet dark docudrama, Art is a Cupboard tells a story of Russian post-revolution chaos. It is a true story that brings the history of this tragic outcome into the only place it has left to exist: your mind, says the playbill.

The core of the tale is about OBERIU, the last avant-garde literary group of the period. The story revolves around this group of men who banded together in a way that posed a serious threat to their survival; they brought the absurd to life.

Art is a Cupboard is directed by Naomi Knight and Melissa Major. All tickets are pay-what-you-can. For reservations or enquiries, call Kaela Gillan at 416-487-6822. For further information regarding this or other productions held at the theatre visit the Theatre Glendon Web site.