YCISS and York’s Nathanson Centre probe governance and global order


Governance and global order, including relevant trends and the implications of efforts to promote global governance, will be placed under the metaphorical microscope at an open-forum conference to be held at York in February.

The Eleventh Annual York Centre for International & Security Studies (YCISS) Conference in conjunction with the Fourth Annual Nathanson Centre for the Study of Organized Crime & Corruption Conference, have come together to host a major event entitled “Governance and Global (Dis)Orders: Trends, Transformations and Impasses”. The conference will be held  Feb. 5-6 in 305 York Lanes and at York’s Osgoode Hall Law School.

The YCISS Web site describes the conference as follows: “Questions of governance and global order have been brought into focus by recent efforts on the part of some states to impose order upon what they perceive as a dangerously chaotic international system. Contending geo-political discourses have offered critical reflection on governance and global order. Such approaches often arise from the peripheries of global power and engage a far broader set of political, economic and social issues.

“As a result, significant challenges have been issued toward much of the post-Cold War and post-9/11 ‘conventional wisdom’ on governance and global order. Additionally, the policy initiatives that have followed from the normative assumptions underpinning such conventional wisdom have also been sites of contention.”

A number of conference delegates are from York, including Professor David Dewitt (left), director of YCISS; Professor Margaret Beare (right), director of the Nathanson Centre; Kyle Grayson, associate director of YCISS; Professor Nergis Canefe, Political Science Department, Faculty of Arts; Canada Research Chair Engin Isin, social science professor in the Faculty of Arts; Professor Sandra Whitworth, with YCISS and the Political Science Department, Faculty of Arts, and Atkinson’s School of Women’s Studies; Tim Donais, postdoctoral Fellow with YCISS; and Tatsuo Harada, visiting professor and research associate with YCISS. As well, numerous graduate students will be making presentations.

For details on speakers and their topics, visit YCISS.