Families face the music

Let this energetic cast of York’s Theatre Glendon entertain you with Family Music, which runs from  Thursday, Jan. 22 to Saturday, Jan. 24, at 8pm, in York Hall on the Glendon campus.

Family Music is set in a small suburban café, where the Ménard family meets for its weekly exchange of sarcasm, laughs and witty truths. On this particular evening, the usual underdogs stand up for themselves. In so doing, relationships are threatened and it seems as though family dynamics will be forever altered.

The technical elements of this production, from the subdued set to the discreet lighting and effective soundscape, highlight the naturalistic essence of the text. The six actors are pushed to challenge the boundaries of a realistic and contemporary setting. For her independent project, student-director Esther Wolf focuses particularly on each actor’s emotional capacity.

Translated from the play Un air de famille by Jean-Pierre Bacri and Agnès Jaoui, the movie of the same title was critically acclaimed and awarded three Césars in 1997, for best supporting roles and best script. 

For the pay-what-you-can event, you may reserve seats by calling the Theatre Glendon Box Office at 416-487-6822.