Pinning it on the volunteers


Above: Cheers to the new York students who became official members of the York is U team and were recognized for their volunteer efforts

Champagne corks popped and people cheered one recent night on the Keele campus. The reason? Approximately 45 dedicated York students became official members of York is U and, at the same time, were recognized for their volunteer work for the student alumni team, at an inaugural Pinning Ceremony.

Right: VP Students & Alumni Bonnie Neuman congratuling new York is U member Abdul Babar

The evening began with Bonnie Neuman, VP students and alumni, presenting each new member with a special York is U pin, and was followed by a semi-formal champagne dinner at Chancellors in York’s Underground restaurant.

“After the fancy feast, we enjoyed a gift exchange,” said Chris Luckhardt, executive director of York is U. “For those who didn’t want the night to end, the York is U Sunshine Team led the team to an evening social at a pub.”

Left: Elizabeth Saati, York is U administrative director, addressing guests

Luckhardt said the Pinning Ceremony is going to become a tradition at the end of each semester, to honour those who have volunteered over 16 hours for the organization.

York is U is a student alumni program which began in 2002 to establish in students a lifelong connection with York. The team organizes events at the University, such as YorkFest, Homecoming and other special events and services


For more information about the team, check York is U.