Weekend road closures at Keele campus

The northbound lane of The Pond Road on the east side of the traffic island at intersection 6, and Shoreham Drive west of intersection 6, will be closed on Saturday, Nov. 22, from 7am to 4pm to accommodate construction on the new Tennis Canada project.

This will restrict access to the campus from Shoreham Drive, and the northbound flow of traffic on campus past this intersection will also be restricted. Traffic will still be able to access the Ice Gardens and the 6A parking lots from Shoreham Drive. Traffic will also be able to access Arboretum Lane from Ian Macdonald Blvd. just north of intersection 6.

Contractors will be on site during the duration of this interruption and will provide directions and implement safety procedures.

Please send all feedback to muddy@fbo.yorku.ca.