York student fences way to second place

En garde for Thomas Cribb (right). At the Brock Invitational fencing tournament last weekend, the first-year York sociology student placed second in the men’s foil competition. He was one of several York students to take part in the contest.

Other University team members placed 23, 36, 46, 48, 50 and 62 out of a field of 75 in the men’s foil section. In women’s epee, placings were 11, 26 and 36 out of 39; and in men’s epee, 50th out of 74.

For further information on the competition, visit fencing.niagara.com.

About foils

The foil is the modern version of the original practice weapon for duelling sword. The valid target for foil is the body torso. Valid hits can only be scored with the point of the blade.

About epees

The epee is the modern version of the historical duelling sword. The epee is heavier than the foil and has a rigid bi-angular blade. The valid target is the whole body, and hits are made with the point only and are registered by an electrical scoring apparatus.