Uyghur Night: Dances from the Silk Road

You can travel in your imagination along the legendary Silk Road on Monday, Nov. 17, from 7 to 9pm, at Theatre Glendon when the theatre and Glendon’s Drama Studies Program present Uyghur Night: Dances from the Silk Road, with artists Muhtar, Buhalqam, Shulkun, Mihrag and Erkin.

The performance is the third and final presentation in “Moving States: International Perspectives on Performance.” This free public series, sponsored by York’s Drama Studies Program at Glendon in association with Theatre Glendon, illustrates approaches to theatre and dance in various regions of China, as well as Japan.

For Uyghur Night: Dances from the Silk Road, Muhtar and Buhalqam have prepared a selection of traditional dances that they will present in native dress. They will be accompanied by Erkin, who also will perform musical interludes. The production also features Erkin and Mihrag performing traditional songs.

The Uyghurs are native to a Central Asian region known as Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, in the far west of China. Music and dance occupy a significant place in their lives and are central to all their festivities. Traditional Uyghur sounds are remarkable for their melodious originality; they nicely complement Uyghur dances that are simultaneously graceful and vigorous.

Muhtar, a professor of dance at Xinjiang College of Arts is a prominent member of the Uyghur Dancer’s Association who has won many awards, including a first place medal at Silk Road Dance Competition. Buhalqam, a graduate of dance from the Xinjiang College of Arts, also is a member of the Korla Song & Dance Ensemble. Erkin is a talented Uyghur singer and composer who is the recipient of a number of awards.

Reservations for Uyghur Night: Dances from the Silk Road can be made by phoning the Theatre Glendon reservation line at 416-487-6822.

For further information about Moving States: International Perspectives on Performance, contact Professor Robert Wallace, co-ordinator of Glendon’s Drama Studies program, at ext. 88526 or visit the Theatre Glendon Web site at