From fashion to doughnuts – Fundraiser for United Way in York Lanes

As part of the 2003 United Way Campaign, York’s campaign team is holding a doughnut fundraiser, a make-over event, soft drink sampling and fashion show today from 8:30am to 6:30pm in York Lanes. All donations support the United Way.


Here’s a look at the schedule of events:

8:30-10am – Krispy Kreme fundraiser, organized by Metro Credit Union.
Buy a Krispy Kreme donut with proceeds going to support the United Way.

11am-12pm – Make-over by Kliks.

1-1:30pm – Fashion show #1, by In Style Jeanswear.

1-5pm – Pepsi sampling. Sample Pepsi’s latest product.

6pm- 6:30pm – Fashion show #2, by In Style Jeanswear.

The event is supported by York Lanes, Metro Credit Union, In Style Jeanswear, Pepsi and Kliks.