Get spooked


So you think you have steady nerves? Prove it!

The York is U team has partnered with the Underground to bring what they claim will be the scariest pub night you’ve ever seen. They invite you to dress up in your favourite costumes of scary creatures, celebrities or heroes and participate in York’s annual Halloween Bash during Thursday pub night at the Underground.

If you want to by-pass the queue to get into the Halloween bash, have the cover charge waived and get special access to the VIP Hideaway Lounge in the Underground, you can buy a $4 ticket from the York is U office, 325 Student Centre, between 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

If can’t wait until nightfall, start the celebrations during the day on Thursday by visiting the Keele campus haunted house and feeling your way through a dark maze of oozy slime and creatures. Where is this house? Look for it where some terrifying creatures lurk, in the York tunnels on the campus walk near the Behavioural Science Building.

Or, clubs and groups can participate in the pumpkin-carving contest. Groups can sign up for the contest at the York is U office. Each group must supply its own pumpkin and submit it by 4pm on Thursday, Oct. 30 to the Underground where it will be judged and displayed during pub night. The groups with the most creative pumpkins will win great prizes.

If you would like to participate in these events or if you would like to volunteer to scare your friends by helping make these events happen, contact York is U at For further information on all the celebrations, visit