McGuinty transformed, says Cameron

Dalton McGuinty “just looked so inexperienced in 1999,” Barbara Cameron, a political science professor at York University, told Canadian Press in a Sept. 25 story on the provincial Liberal leader’s turnaround. “He now gives more of a sense that he’s been around, he knows what the issues are, he doesn’t look nervous. His whole body language, I think, is quite different.”

Labour market more unstable

Metro, the Toronto transit newspaper, carried a piece Sept. 25 on York labour researcher Leah Vosko‘s findings on “precarious employment” trends in Canada. The Canadian labour market is becoming more precarious and unstable due to the growth of temporary and part-time wage work, self-employment and other forms of work not fully protected by labour laws and policies, says the social sciences professor, who holds the Canada Research Chair in Feminist Political Economy.

Grist for a good term paper?

Cesar Martello, a second-year political science student at York, is the NDP provincial candidate in Bramalea, reported the Toronto Star Sept. 26. Because there is a fierce battle shaping up between Conservative and Liberal candidates, Martello, if nothing else, will be able to gather good term-paper material for his political science courses, wrote the Star reporter.