Major new Web site showcases York’s research strengths


Above: One of the new research Web site screens

We’re proud of our top-class research, and we’re going to tell the world about it through a research Web site with a vibrant new look. Take a peek at the site at

The University wants to trumpet its research strengths, not only to the internal community but also to a broad audience – the public, funders, the media, government officials, elected officials, prospective students and faculty, and potential partners and collaborators.

“York is a dynamic research institution with tremendously talented researchers, and the new York research Web site will allow us to showcase this talent to all of our stakeholders,” said Vice President Research & Innovation Stan Shapson (right).

In addition to communicating York’s research strengths, the Web site is intended to provide the best one-stop shop for research service offered by any academic institution.

“We see the launch of the Web site as an important step in delivering the best services possible to all of our faculty members, staff, and students. It allows us to provide information and services to our researchers no matter where in the world their project might take them and no matter at what time they require the information,” said Shapson.

Left and below, right: Images of researchers, from new Web site

There is a special password-protected portion of the site available to York faculty, staff and students, which is seen as a major destination for the researchers themselves. There, researchers will be able to find information on all aspects of research at the University, search for funding opportunities, access their research accounts online, read how-to sections to help them with research issues, learn how to engage the media and government, and fundraise for their projects.

This password-protected side of the new Web site, while providing researchers with greatly enhanced, anytime-access, online information and service, also aims to build pride and awareness of York’s research strengths within the University community itself.

The creative for the new site was developed by Toronto-based doug agency inc., and the content management system, WebPal, was developed by Palomino System Innovations Inc. Palomino is no stranger to research at York, as the company is a spin-off of York’s own Centre for Vision Research.

The research Web site is at its starting point and new features and technologies will be added continually. It’s an impressive beginning!

Please note that the Research Opportunities section of YFile will be phased out over the next few days, so remember to note the URL for the new site, which will now provide all funding information.