Will they sing like canaries?


Vaughan Secondary School choir will be singing live at the 10th anniversary celebration for CANARIE, Canada’s advanced Internet development organization, on Monday, Sept. 22, at 5pm at Arcadian Court, 401 Bay Street in Toronto. The choir will swell to a large chorus when it is joined by groups from across Canada, singing the national anthem via the advanced network CA*net4.

“Students from Newfoundland, Quebec, Alberta, Iqaluit, Vancouver, Ottawa etc. will be singing over CA*net4 using videoconferencing technology,” said Janet Murphy (right), project manager of CANARIE: ABEL (Advanced Broadband Enabled Learning, which is housed at York ). “The last time this was done was 75 years ago, when CBC Radio had a song sung over the airwaves. Now we are singing over high-speed fibre!

“York University, as the lead in the CANARIE: ABEL project, has created the opportunity for Vaughan Secondary School to be involved.” 

Approximately 250 delegates will be on hand to hear the e-singing of O Canada at the celebration, which is part of the organization’s prestigious CANARIE IWAY Awards event (IWAY is short for Information Highway). On this occasion, CANARIE will honour individuals, groups and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to this country’s world-recognized information society, celebrating innovators behind Canada’s advanced broadband development and use.

For more information about CANARIE, visit http://www.canarie.ca/. For details about ABEL, visit www.abellearn.ca or contact Janet Murphy at janetm@yorku.ca.

CANARIE, based in Ottawa, is a not-for-profit corporation supported by its members, project partners and the federal government. Its mission is to accelerate Canada’s advanced Internet development and use by facilitating the widespread adoption of faster, more efficient networks and by enabling the next generation of advanced products, applications and services to run on them.