New research opportunity: Multiculturalism Program Community Research Initiative

Call for proposals

York’s Office of Research Administration (ORA) has received information from the Department of Canadian Heritage regarding its Multiculturalism Program Community Research Initiative. A summary is provided below.

Complete details can be obtained by contacting ORA at ext. 55055, at or by visiting Heritage Canada’s Website at

Objectives: The Community Research Initiative is to support research projects that:

  • Promote and facilitate innovative research focused on multiculturalism issues at the community level;
  • Generate and disseminate community knowledge and experience that inform the development of policies, programs and practices intended to foster and promote an inclusive society;
  • Enable communities and community organizations to acquire skills and develop expertise in the areas of cultural, ethnic, racial and religious diversity;
  • Encourage public dialogue and understanding around multiculturalism.

 The areas of priority for community research in 2003 are:

  • Identification of strategies that facilitate cross-cultural understanding. Examples include documenting the processes facilitating the establishment of links with mainstream agencies and networks, and examining the role of community and mainstream media in fostering the
  • communication of diversity;
  • Identification of strategies for building the capacity of ethno-racial youth to develop leadership capacity and skills for connecting with actors and institutions outside of their communities;
  • Exploration of strategies and options for facilitating improved ethno-racial community access to services and facilities provided by local, provincial and national governments.

Value: Up to $25,000 per year

Duration: Up to three years

Deadline: Oct. 2 to ORA; Oct. 17 to Heritage Canada.

Note: York University faculty members are reminded that applications for external sources of funding (i.e. outside York) must first be submitted to ORA before forwarding them to the granting agencies. When submitting to ORA, applications must be accompanied by a completed ORA Application Checklist, including the Chair’s and dean’s signatures). To assist in meeting the agencies’ deadlines, it is recommended that applications normally be submitted one to two weeks prior.