New funding for international conferences on security and defence

The York Centre for International and Security Studies (YCISS) is now able to offer financial assistance for junior scholars participating in international conferences, due to the Security and Defence Forum’s International Conference Fund (SDF-ICF). This is the first year that this fund has been offered, and while it is currently a pilot project, YCISS hopes it will continue.

Who is eligible

Junior faculty (non-tenured academic appointments, both tenure-stream and CLA) and post-doctoral and doctoral students who are participating in an international (including the US) conference directly related to security and defence. (Please note that the 2004 ISA is in Montreal and therefore not eligible for this funding.)

Participation is defined as presenting a paper, giving a talk, serving as a discussant, and/or being part of a panel discussion.

Application Procedure

Include the following information:

  • Statement indicating name, address, contact numbers, your status at York given the eligibility criteria, and a description of the conference as well as the specific panel you will be on and the paper you plan to present. Please indicate the connection between the conference and/or your panel to security and defence;
  • Letter of support (not a reference) from your supervisor indicating that you are actively engaged in the research/writing of your dissertation and that she/he supports your participation in the conference;
  • Budget of overall expenses, including all other sources of funding and indicating how much is being requested from this fund. Please note that this fund is not intended to cover all expenses but rather is intended to contribute to overall costs. Please use per diem and room rates as referred to below in your budget;
  • An up to date copy of your CV

Eligible Expenses

Conference expenses on a cost-reimbursable basis: travel (lowest available fare), taxis (to/from airport, to/from hotel, and to/from conference only), meals (per diem rates of $11 for breakfast, $10.95 for lunch, $30.65 for dinner and $17.30 for incidental expenses), and accommodations (Treasury Board standard room rates apply – see In order to be reimbursed, all original receipts need to be submitted as well as proof of conference participation (a copy of the paper and/or a program showing the presenter’s name).


Rolling deadlines, conference has to take place no later than March 31, 2004, and your application must be received at least six weeks before the date of the conference for which you are requesting support.

Note: Only electronic applications will be accepted. Completed applications should be submitted to: YCISS – SDF International Conference Fund Selection Committee, c/o Joan Broussard, administrative officer,