Media expert Janine Marchessault congratulated by PM


Above: Janine Marchessault with a congratulatory letter from Prime Minister Jean Chrétien

Janine Marchessault, Canada Research Chair in Art, Digital Media and Globalization, recently received a congratulatory letter from Prime Minister Jean Chrétien for her research achievements.

In her current research work, Marchessault documents how artists have been shaping the visual culture of global media, while changing their own practice and exhibition of art.

Artists are employing digital design and media to both resist and take advantage of new global economies, said Marchessault. The growth of large-scale media labs around the world is evidence of new relationships between scientific research, artistic experimentation and industry spawned by digital technologies.

Marchessault, professor in York’s Department of Film & Video in the Faculty of Fine Arts, is widening her study of the digital arts to urban centres in Mexico, Senegal and Japan. She plans to produce a series of detailed case studies of research collaborations involving artists. Her research will address important questions concerning intellectual property and help to inform national research policies on digital technologies and art.