Deadlines ahead

For a full listing of research opportunities available, see

Deadline: early August

McLean Foundation: Research Grants

 Deadline: mid-August

York University (Office of Student Financial Services): Ontario Work/Study Plan

Deadline: Aug. 15

Leaky Foundation: General Research Grants

NSERC: Deadline to submit notification of intent to apply for Discovery Grants (full application Nov. 1) and Major Facilities Access Grants (full application Oct. 1); NATO Science Fellowships (deadline to notify ORA of intent to apply; application to NSERC Oct. 1)

Deadline: late August

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC): Japan Foundation: Special Grants Program for Japanese Studies in Canada; Tanaka Fund Program for Japanese Language Studies (applications to ORA; applications to AUCC in late October)

Materials and Manufacturing Ontario: Collaborative Research Proposals