When bosses pitch products on the tube

Jonathan Carroll of the Internet-based travel company itravel2000 is the latest in a long line of bosses-as-pitchmen for their own product, noted a Globe and Mail article August 1. But Schulich School of Business marketing Professor Alan Middleton said history has shown advertisements featuring company leaders are always large gambles and have the potential to be as dangerous as they can be successful. Other boss/pitchmen have included Dave Nichol of Loblaws’ President’s Choice label, and Dave Thomas, Wendy’s founder.

How to make hookers happy

Selling sex on the street should be regulated by humane and reasonable laws just like any other business. That’s the opinion of criminal lawyer and Osgoode Hall Law School professor Alan Young. He thinks sex work should be regulated so women and men with drug and health problems (who would be unable to gain licences) would be the ones caught by the system and get help, reported Eye Weekly July 31. “If people are on the street because of poverty, the state should be attacking poverty, not prostitution.”

On Air

  • Ethnomusicologist and rock-and-roll historian Rob Bowman, director of York’s Graduate Program in Music, did many interviews for radio programs during the days leading up to “SARS-stock” featuring the Rolling Stones. Among other stations, Bowman was interviewed July 31 by “Morning Edition” (CBK-AM, Sask.), “On the Island” (CBCV-FM, Victoria, BC) and (CBVE-FM, Que.).