Anti-urban-sprawl coalition launched at Glendon conference

A coalition to combat urban sprawl was launched this weekend at Kyoto and Sprawl: Building Cities That Work, a conference at York’s Glendon College, reported Canada News-Wire July 29. The coalition intends to challenge key provincial policies. It aims to reverse the proportion of funding going to roads and transit, currently $10 billion and $1 billion respectively, ensure all expressway planning undergoes an environmental assessment, and reform the Ontario Municipal Board.

Ottawa endangering lives of the seriously ill

The federal government is endangering the lives of seriously ill Canadians by forcing them into the black market to obtain marijuana for medicinal use, lawyer Alan Young told the Ontario Court of Appeal July 29. The Osgoode Hall Law School professor said Ottawa is violating the constitutional right of Canadians to choose their own medical treatment by not making the illegal narcotic available, reported The Globe and Mail July 30. “If you can’t access the drug of choice there is no choice,” said Young, who represents seven seriously ill Canadians and the operator of a Toronto compassion club which supplied the weed to the sick. News of this latest appeal was also carried on Broadcast News and Canadian Press July 29.