Grab your popcorn and get to Cine-Moi


Above: Scene from Marking Men

Come out this evening and talent-spot Canada’s next generation of filmmakers.

Cine-Moi features a tantalizing collection of 10 short productions by the graduating class of York University’s Film & Video Department in a special screening at the Bloor Cinema, 506 Bloor St. West at Bathurst, today at 7pm. Admission is $5.

Ranging from highly personal experimental videos to dramatic fiction and documentary films, the works span a wide variety of themes and cinematic styles.

Right: Scene from Shadows Rising

As part of an introduction to York’s student filmmakers, a June 5 article appearing on the Kodak Student Filmmakers’ Web site notes that, “while Tinseltown panics over the rise in runaway productions, Canadians have quietly been turning Toronto into ‘Hollywood North’.”


The article goes on to quote York University film student Eliza Billes as saying she wants to write and direct feature-length Canadian films. Billes is showing her graduation film, The Red Canoe, as part of Cine-Moi.

Left: Scene from Tracks

“Students like Billes and Elise Cousineau, whose film In Winter played at the third-year student screenings in April, are proving that filmmakers can produce meaningful work outside of the studio system, even beyond the American indie scene,” continued the Kodak piece.

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On the Cine-Moi program:


– 15 min/mini digital video (DV)

  • Director & Photography: Sascha Drews
  • Synopsis: That was my family – my brother, father, mother, all of us sleeping in…. A documentary.

Fall Together

  • 27 min/mini DV
  • Writer/director: Bryan Ho
  • Synopsis: Rajna is a young woman who is trying to forget who she is. Franklin is a young man who is trying to remember. Along the way, they meet.

Right: Scene from Three Corners

Marking Men

  • 16 min/Super 16mm
  • Director: Benjamin Lichty
  • Synopsis: “Marking”: a small, tattoo-like design on a person’s skin. Everyone has a marking. Eve is bent on escaping hers – changing it, removing it, something. Eve’s marking is like that of her Father, and she cannot control it, or him.

No Reprieve

  • 20 min/mini DV
  • Producer/director: James Carnegie
  • Synopsis: Some people never grow up. Some grow up too fast. Sometimes life, and sometimes death, forces you to. Jacob Carter is on the brink of that abyss.

Playing the Angles

  • 15 min/mini DV
  • Director: Dana Rutledge
  • Synopsis: Although his accomplishments differ from the goals he initially set for himself, Chuck continues to be a hardworking, honest man who keeps a positive attitude. Just play the shots as best you can.

The Red Canoe

  • 22 min/mini DV
  • Director: Eliza Billes
  • Synopsis: In this personal documentary, the director questions her family members on the ethnic background of her great-grandfather. The evidence of a hidden heritage is tantalizing, but family denial is strong. Is their denial a whitewashing of memory, the remnants of a racist era, or is Eliza’s claim simply a young woman’s yearning for connection with an ancient tradition? She would say the truth is in the eyes.

Left: Scene from The School






The School

  • 13 min/Super 16mm, Super 8
  • Writer/director/editor: Ezra Krybus & Matthew Miller
  • Synopsis: An educational motion picture experience.

Shadows Rising

  • 22 min/Super 16mm, 8mm, DV
  • Writer/director: Joel Sutherland
  • Synopsis: A man will fall. But his shadow will rise. Shadows Rising sheds light on a dark issue: the Shadow Liberation Movement (SLIM) and its continuing fight against shadow oppression. Shadows of the world unite!

Three Corners

  • 23 min/Super 16mm
  • Director: Steve Carey
  • Synopsis: After pursuing an acting career for many years in Hollywood, Stewart Brown returns home due to the sudden death of his father. In an attempt to rekindle his friendship with his distant younger brother, Stewart rediscovers the importance of family by confronting the mistakes of his past.


  • 18 min/Super 16mm
  • Director: Alison Bulger
  • Synopsis: When childhood dreams start to fade and friendships go astray.