Drache heads to Australia as distinguished lecturer

Given Professor Daniel Drache’s noted expertise on globalization and the limits of markets, trade blocs and economic integration, it comes as no surprise that he is in demand at universities in Australia.

Drache, left, has been invited to the University of Western Sydney (UWS) later this month as the distinguished Australia Canada Centennial Lecturer, to deliver a lecture on “North America Post 9/11: Canada’s Security Quandary.” His invitation is sponsored by the UWS and the Canadian Consulate.

While in Australia Drache, director of York’s Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies, will also be giving a number of graduate seminars at the universities of Canberra, Melbourne, Wollongong and Sydney (not to be confused with UWS) on topics related to his upcoming book with its working title, “In Search of North America: Do Borders Matter?”

“I am going to talk about North American security borders and Canada’s quandary; borders permeable and impermeable and Canada’s dilemma; and on modelling social inclusion – integration after the Quebec Summit,” said Drache.

Drache, along with Prof. Seth Feldman, Department of Film & Video, Faculty of Fine Arts, were granted $115,000 by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council for an ambitious, interdisciplinary initiative entitled “Global Cultural Flows, Information Technology and the Re-Imagining of National Communities.” Another key York collaborator in this research project is Prof. Fred Fletcher, director of the Communication & Culture Graduate Program.

Drache’s current talks in Australia build on findings from his earlier SSHRC research award on the return of the public domain after the triumph of markets.