Applied Genomics & Proteomics Research in Human Health competition

Genome Canada recently released a Request for Applications (RFA) for the Applied Genomics and Proteomics Research in Human Health competition.

The purpose of this RFA is to solicit proposals focusing on the development and application of genomics and proteomics tools to improve the prediction, prevention and treatment of human disease for individuals and populations. In the context of this RFA, the term tools includes instruments, technologies, methodologies and strategies.

The successful research proposals shall be directly linked to the delivery of predictive, preventive and/or personalized healthcare to individuals and populations. Preference will be given to those proposals likely to impact human health in the near term, generally within five years. Proposals to study the ethical, environmental, economic, legal and social impacts of genomics/proteomics applied research on human health will also be considered.


No limit specified.


Up to three years.

For further details on this and other research opportunities, please visit the “What’s New” link on the ORA Web site: