Minor traffic disruption expected

A message from Facilities Planning and Construction, York University

The Board of Governors has approved construction of the new Pond Road Residence, to be located on the south side of Atkinson College. It will accommodate 442 students and is scheduled for completion in September 2004.

Preparation work for this project, including site servicing, placement of chain link hoarding around the perimeter and transplanting of existing trees, is already in progress. Work will also begin with the relocation of the daycare playground to its new site on the northwest side of 90 Atkinson.

There will be some minor disruption to vehicle and pedestrian traffic as the initial preparation for construction is underway, but there are currently no road closures scheduled.

As the project progresses some sidewalks will be sectioned off. Where necessary signs will be posted to assist pedestrians to get to their destinations safely and efficiently.

Additional bulletins will be posted as necessary.