Angle On brings student screenplays to life

It’s the next best thing to seeing the film — watching actors read the screenplay. And on May 6, local thespians – maybe a celeb or two – will bring to life excerpts from feature film scripts written by students in York’s Screenwriting Program at the annual Angle On at Hugh’s Room in west Toronto.

Here’s the lineup, submitted by Nathalie-Roze Fischer, publicist for the Faculty of Fine Arts:

  • Notes From the Grave by Lanh Vu

Richard Madison, a Broadway director, casts his daughter Natasha in the leading role of his play after his wife Olivia, who was to play the part, is killed in a tragic accident. Relationships are put to the test as Richard and Natasha attempt to face the aftermath of a tragedy while continuing the show.

Lanh Vu, an honours double major in film and English, is writing her first feature-length screenplay.

  • Tripping Over Celluloid by Adam Bunch

Jackson Bale, a writer-director trying to piece together his first feature film with an incredibly low-budget, thinks that he is falling in love with his leading lady, though he’s really falling for the character that he has created for her to play. As the stresses of production build and the actress begins to realize the true nature of his affections, he is forced to choose between truth and fiction; between fantasy and reality.

Adam Bunch has just finished his fourth year in screenwriting at York and looks anxiously forward to a future filled with treatments, character profiles and slug-lines.

  • Snowfall by David Collins

A hunting expedition for the Hudson’s Bay Company turns violent when the hunters are faced with a never-ending blizzard and cabin fever develops. As one of the men begins to kill the others, the question changes from “Who will be killed and who will survive?” to “Why is the killer doing what he’s doing, and is it even possible for us to know this?”

David Collins has a BFA in film & video production from York and is pursuing an MFA in screenwriting. He has directed short films and written short and feature-length scripts.

  • Fragile Father by Michael Gerrior

A troubled man’s reckless behavior leads to the death of his fiancée. Released from prison to face his daughter and his late fiancée’s family, he has to decide if he can change and become the father and man he needs to be.

 Michael Gerrior is a screenwriting graduate who is continuing to amass large amounts of debt by heading to Humber College for graduate studies in television production and writing.



  • Pen and Ink by Derek Rambeau

Eric and Aurora, best friends for years and partners on a work-in-progress graphic novel, have their friendship threatened by Tara, an attractive girl who pursues Eric’s considerable artistic talent. Aurora must confront her true feelings for Eric before it’s too late, while he struggles to balance Tara’s attraction and his ties to Aurora.

Derek Rambeau has recently completed his fourth year in York’s screenwriting program as well as this, his first feature-length screenplay.

  • Lovebirds by Bill Taylor

A tragic coming-of-age love story about a troubled 16-year-old boy who falls in love with the wrong man.

Bill Taylor is a fourth-year screenwriting student.

  • Father of Mine by Isaac Clements

Father of Mine is the story of Jack, a recovering alcoholic who must try and renew old ties with his estranged son, Luke, who blames Jack for many of the things that are wrong in his own relationships. Luke is also experiencing the hardships of fatherhood with his own son, Simon, after recently separating from his wife, Maddy.

Isaac Clements will be graduating this year from York University with a BFA in film with an emphasis on screenwriting.

Angle On takes place at Hugh’s Room, 2261 Dundas St. W. at 8pm on May 6. Admission is $5 at the door. Or make reservations by calling 416-531-6604. There will be groovy, cinema-inspired door prizes!

For more information, call 416-736-5149.