Spirit and pride: meet the new team


Above: scene from Yorkfest 2002

A team led by fourth-year communications student Heather McKenzie will be pumping up pride in the York community during the coming academic year. The group will take over leadership of York is U, the grassroots volunteer movement – now a year old – whose mission is to inspire the York community to get involved in campus life.

Right: scene from Multicultural Week

Under outgoing Chair Jeremy Greenberg, the founding team has worked enthusiastically throughout the University year, helping to organize such events as Frosh Week, Yorkfest, Homecoming, Multicultural Week and York’s 40th birthday. The photos on this page were taken at some of these events.

Left: drummer at Multicultural Week

The following are the 2003-2004 York is U directors, elected by the organization’s volunteers:

  • Chair: Heather McKenzie
  • Vice-Chair: Elizabeth Saati
  • Signature Events: Chris Luckhardt
  • Special Events: Tanya Mustachi
  • Campus Life: Grace Saati
  • Marketing and Finance: Aaron Vidas

Greenberg will also help the new team in his continuing role as coordinator of student alumni programs.














Above: the outgoing York is U team