WebPal: you’ve got a York-created friend

Thanks to the innovative brains in York’s Centre for Vision Research (CVR), the world now has a new Web site creation and management tool, which was developed out of CVR through Palomino System Innovations Inc.

Dubbed WebPal, the new tool was launched yesterday. It introduces a platform for business-to-business interaction that could become a global standard, and is aimed at small and medium-size businesses looking to enter the e-business world.

Retailing in the range of $2,000, WebPal is an affordable alternative to existing products on the market. The software creates and manages a Web site that looks professional without requiring the user to have technical or Web expertise. Its groundbreaking feature is the way it structures input for multiple users and company-to-company interaction.

“Palomino has grown out of a research environment at York University that fosters cross-disciplinary collaborations yielding highly creative results,” said Suzanne MacDonald (right), York associate vice-president of research. “We are strongly committed to ensuring that the benefits of our research get to the larger community.”

The award-winning technology had financial support from Communications and Information Technology Ontario (CITO) and the Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (IRIS).

Palomino has partnered with Internet services provider CKSolutions to expand marketing of WebPal, which is currently selling in both the public and private sectors.

For further details on Palomino and WebPal visit www.palominosys.com.