Harold Schiff – date of service

There will be a memorial service for Harold I. Schiff, former University professor emeritus, on Saturday, April 12, 11am in the Scott Chapel, Keele campus.

Dr. Schiff passed away March 31 while on vacation in Cuba. An educator and scientist in the field of chemistry, Schiff began at York in 1964 and was named a member of York’s Founders Society in honour of his contributions to the early development of the University.

At York, Schiff was Chair of the Department of Chemistry and director of the Natural Science Program in 1964; dean of the Faculty of Science 1965-1972; and director of the Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry 1985-1989.

Before arriving at the University, Schiff made a significant impact on physical chemistry and achieved a prestigious international reputation. His contributions to the development of techniques to measure trace constituents of the upper atmosphere and to the interpretation of the physics and chemistry of the stratosphere are particularly important in view of the potentially serious adverse effects of pollution from supersonic aircraft.