Deadlines ahead

For a full listing of research opportunities available, see

Deadline: early April

Fish and Wildlife Service (US): Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act

Deadline: April 15

American Historical Association: Teaching Prizes: Eugene Asher Distinguished Award for Post-Secondary Teaching

Canadian Bar Association: Law for the Future Fund

Centre for Innovation Law and Policy (University of Toronto): Reserch Fund

Dairy Farmers of Canada: Nutrition Research Funding Program (letter of intent due; full application due Aug. 1)

German Academic Exchange Service: Grants for German Studies: DAAD-AICGS Grant

Metcalf (George Cedric) Foundation: Performing Arts Program: Professional Development (Internships)

National Cancer Institute of Canada (NCIC): Program Project Grants (letter of intent due; full proposal due Sept. 1)

NSERC: Genomics Projects; Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal; Strategic Project Grants

Deadline: Late April

Science and Technology Foundation of Japan: Japan Prize

Deadline: April 30

Canada Council: Walter Carson Prize for Excellence in the Performing Arts

GEOIDE: Grants (full application due; letter of intent due March 15)

Hospital for Sick Children Foundation: Innovative Investigations Grants Program (full application due; letter of intent due March 1); New Investigators Grants Program

International Development Research Centre (IDRC): Ecosystem Approaches to Human Health: Academic Fellowships (letter of intent due; full application due June 30)

March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation: Research Grants (letters of intent due; full applications due Sept. 30)

Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation of Canada: Major Research Grant for Biomedical Research into Intellectual Impairment

SSHRC: Canadian Tobacco Research Initiative: Policy Research Grants (a strategic joint initiative with the National Cancer Institute of Canada (NCIC)

von Humboldt (Alexander) Foundation: Wolfgang Paul Programme

York University (administered by ORA): SSHRC Conference Travel Grant