PREA competition deadlines announced

The Office of Research Administration (ORA) announces deadlines for the next competition of the Premier’s Research Excellence Award (PREA) administered by the Ontario Ministry of Enterprise, Opportunity & Innovation.

The Premier’s Research Excellence Awards program is designed to help gifted researchers in all research disciplines attract talented people to their research teams. In assessing submissions, the PREA board will focus on the excellence of the applicant’s research potential as demonstrated in part by scientific and academic contributions to date, and the importance or promise of the applicant’s proposed area of research.


The province’s contribution to an individual award shall typically be $100,000. Each application must be matched by a contribution equivalent to a minimum of 50 per cent of the value of the provincial contribution. That is, two-thirds of the total award will come from the province ($100,000), and one-third of the total award will come from the partner contribution ($50,000).

PREA Closing Date:

Friday, May 16

ORA Deadline:

Friday, May 2

Complete details can be obtained by contacting Steven Mataija, manager, Government Research Initiatives Programs at ORA, at ext. 55055 or, or on the ORA Web site at under “What’s New”, “Premier’s Research Excellence Award (PREA): Round 9″.

General information is also available on the PREA Web site at <A href=””>