Air Canada CEO won’t leave sinking ship, says prof

“It’s his pride issue. The fact [Air Canada CEO Robert Milton is] still here suggests to me that he will not leave a sinking ship,” says York University business Professor Fred Lazar in a Toronto Star story April 3 about the future of the bankrupt airline. Milton “will only leave when [Air Canada’s] in a strong position, the course is set and there’s a strong management team to replace him,” said Lazar.

York student fights U of T law school tuition hike

Paul Riley, a third-year Osgoode Hall Law School student has filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission alleging a $16,000 University of Toronto fee hike for law students amounts to racial discrimination, reports the Toronto Star April 3. Riley fears he will be among the last black lawyers in Canada if U of T’s governing council approves the fee hike. He believes it will discourage minority students from applying to law school, solidify the profession as an overwhelmingly white bastion and drive law graduates – saddled with heavy debt – into pursuing jobs primarily on Bay Street or Wall Street, says the Star. Canadian Press also quoted him in a story April 3: “Certainly, studies have shown time and time again, you’re more inclined to be poor in Canada if you’re black.” Riley thinks the increase will have repercussions at other schools. “The problem is, when the U of T makes a move like this, subsequently the other law schools will follow suit,” he said. “They have to. How can [York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School] keep its professors when University of Toronto is paying them so much more?…. It’s just going to snowball.”

York goes to the Lions

York University’s men’s and women’s sports teams finally have a common name – the Lions, reports The Toronto Sun April 3. York’s teams will be called the Lions beginning next academic year. Previously, York’s teams were called the Yeomen and the Yeowomen.

Health units conduct York survey

The Lindsay Daily Post carried a story April 3 about a monthly telephone survey called the Rapid Risk Factor Surveillance System, conducted through York University for the Haliburton Kawartha Pine Ridge District Health Unit as well as 20 other units across the province.