Coming to aid of ‘family’ a myth

“The idea that the United States would rush to our side is touching,” writes James Laxer, York political science professor, in the Toronto Star March 28 in response to recent comments by American Ambassador to Canada Paul Cellucci. “The only problem is that there has not been a single case to which anyone can point when the US has come to our side to meet a security threat to Canada since the Thirteen Colonies declared their independence in 1776.”

Retired professor leads space agency study

Lead Canadian scientist on a Canadian Space Agency study is Allan Carswell, physics and astronomy professor emeritus at York University and founder and chairman of Optech Incorporated, reports Canada News-Wire March 27. MD Robotics has been awarded a $150,000 study contract by the agency for the Canadian contribution to a US-led Phoenix Mars Scout mission.

It’s more than window dressing

“Most retailers are designing windows on what they want to sell rather than on what consumers want to buy,” says Alan Middleton, a marketing professor at York University’s Schulich School of Business, reports YorkRegion.Com March 26. “That’s a mistake.” He said it’s more important to have a theme in the window that expresses a certain lifestyle because consumers want to buy into that lifestyle, not necessarily just the merchandise. “Also, in window design, there’s a difference between something that looks perfect and untouchable and something that’s inviting,” he said. “Sometimes a little imperfection will encourage people to peak into the store.”

Quote of the day

“They’re too scared of body bags. There is a fear in the advertising community…that the war will go on longer and be nastier than we thought,” comments York University marketing Professor Alan Middleton on cagey US advertisers, in The Globe and Mail March 28.