Demystify technology through new lecture series at York

(Left: Peter Cribb, Chair, Department of Computer Science, FPAS)

How do you enable a robot to have sight? You might find out if you attend the new public lecture series being launched at York on Sunday, March 23.

The lecture series will offer a rare public glimpse into the philosophical ideas driving advancement in modern computer science and engineering, demystifying the technology and restoring the human dimension of computing for the lay person.

The talks will profile advanced research at York, with topics ranging from virtual-reality environments and the creation of robots with vision, to the latest advances in digital multimedia and artificial intelligence. They will be delivered by York scholars who are making significant breakthroughs in computer science research.

“York is certainly shaping a new approach to computer sciences,” said Peter Cribb, Chair of the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Pure & Applied Science. “These lectures will not only benefit young people interested in the science, but also provide a glimpse of the future of computing for adults.”

They may also provide useful teaching tools to high school educators where computerization is increasingly integrated into the daily curriculum but little understood at a philosophical level, Cribb added.

Hosted by the Departments of Computer Science and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Pure & Applied Science, the nine weekly lectures will be on Sundays at 3pm from March 23 to May 18, in Lecture Hall C, Computer Science & Engineering Building.

For a complete program and details of each lecture, visit the computer science Web site at