Resumania hits York!


(Left to right: Anna De Grauwe, York career programs coordinator; Laura Morgan, best overall winner; and Diane Timperley, York career services manager)

York University Career Services is pleased to present Resumania, a unique publication of York students’ and alumni resumés, which follows a resumé-writing contest sponsored by the department. Career Services received 127 submissions in this contest which were then critiqued and short-listed by staff, resulting in 18 exceptional resumés being selected for publication.

The top six winners were chosen in the following categories: best overall, second-best overall, third-best overall, most creative, most customized and most professional. Our congratulations go to Laura Morgan, a graduate from the Faculty of Arts in 2002, who was awarded the best overall resumé. Prizes consisted of a Sony Discman, an interview practice session and a copy of Resumania.

Students who would like a copy of these award winning resumés can purchase Resumania for $5 at Career Services, N108 Ross Bldg.

Anna De Grauwe, Career Programs Coordinator

Laura Morgan, best overall winner

Diane Timperley, Career Services Manager