Synopsis of the 377th York University Board of Governors meeting

At its 377th meeting held on Monday, March 3, 2003, the Board of Governors of York University:

  • Was introduced, by President Lorna R. Marsden, to Professor Patrick Monahan who has been chosen and appointed by the Executive Committee on behalf of the board as the next dean of the Osgoode Hall Law School for a five-year term, effective July 1, 2003;
  •  Received a report from President Marsden on York and the GTA demographic growth, enrolment planning and the University’s submission to SuperBuild;
  •  Received a report from the Executive Committee on the following item approved on behalf of the board of governors at its meeting held Feb. 7, 2003;
  • On the recommendation of the Finance and Staff Resources Committee, a $5.35-million building alteration and expansion of the Tait McKenzie Centre that will increase the University’s fitness and service facilities in the Centre
  • Approved, on the recommendation of the Executive Committee, a revision of the Terms of Reference and Pension Reporting Policy for the York University Pension Plan and Fund;
  • Approved, on the recommendation of the Academic Resources Committee, the President’s Report on Appointments, Tenure and Promotion;
  •  Approved, the following items, on the recommendation of the Finance and Staff Resources Committee:
    • A deregulated tuition fee rate (including centrally collected ancillary and student referenda fees) for students in the Joint York/Sheridan Design program for 2005-2006 and 2006-2007 as follows: 2005-2006: $7,200 Domestic, $14,400 International; 2006-2007: $7,400 Domestic, $14,800 International;
    • The 2003-2004 deregulated tuition fee (including centrally collected ancillary and student referenda fees) for the Supplementary Year program in Joint York/Sheridan Design program be increased to $2,550 for domestic students and $5,100 for international students;
    • The 2003-2004 deregulated tuition fee (excluding centrally collected ancillary and student referenda fees) for the new Theatre Voice Diploma Program at $1,994 per term for part-time domestic students and $3,606 per term for part-time international students;
    • The results of the referendum for students registered in the Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies in order to implement mandatory extended health and dental plans effective Fall 2003;
    • An undergraduate residence rate increase of three per cent over current rates for the period Sept. 1, 2003, to Aug. 31, 2004, and a further three per cent increase for the period Sept. 1, 2004, to Aug.31, 2005;
    • As a standing practice that rents for the York Apartments be increased each year at the Ontario rent review guideline rate. This increase will be 2.9 per cent for 2003;
    • An additional one-time five per cent rent increase for York Apartments on the next turnover of each apartment in order to address major maintenance items in these buildings that can no longer be deferred;
    • The University co-sponsorship with the Municipality of Markham of a Community Small Business Investment Fund (CSBIF) and the University’s nominees to the advisory board to be the associate vice-president, research and the assistant vice-president, finance;
  • Approved, the following items, on the recommendation of the University Advancement Committee:
    • The naming of the road between Pond Road and York Boulevard and immediately behind the new parking garage and the new Schulich School of Business in honour of James Gillies, the founding dean of the Faculty of Administrative Studies (now the Schulich School of Business);
    • Authorized and delegated, on the recommendation of President Marsden and the York University Development Corporation:
    • The renaming of the South Keele woodlot as Boynton Woods and the North Keele woodlot as Danby Woods; 
    • The naming of the laneway between the Seneca Building and the new TEL Building, which lies between the Pond Road and Fine Arts Road, as Seneca Lane; and
    • to the President of the University, authority to give final approval and to execute such agreements, conveyances and other documentation required between the City of Toronto and the University to obtain the approvals required under the Planning Act of Ontario and other bylaws or regulations as are necessary to fulfill the commitments made by the University in the Least agreement dated July 24, 2002, between the University and the Canadian Tennis Association and in an Agreement of Purchase and Sale dated March 8, 2002, between Tribute Communities and the University in a manner consistent with the obligations of the University as reported to the board and with the uses as shown in the Concept Plan for the South Precinct dated December 2001, and attached as a scheduled to the Tribute Communities Agreement of Purchase and Sale and with the University’s best interests in the circumstances. If agreement cannot be reached without material alteration of the obligations, the executive committee of the board of governors will be authorized to act on behalf of the board of governors in authorizing the necessary changes to the University’s obligations;
    • Received information reports from the Executive, Academic Resources, Finance and Staff Resources, Land Use and University Advancement Committees.

Harriet Lewis