Catch a drift of this


York’s Glendon Gallery at Glendon College is presenting “Drift”, a photographic installation by Ritian Lee, an emerging Asian artist. The exhibition runs from Wednesday, March 5 to Saturday, April 5.

The name of the exhibition is its theme. The works are from Lee’s ‘New Image” series, which is about the artist’s attitude toward art as a result of the mundaneness of life. The exhibit is a collection of three groups of work: a pile of Styrofoam heads covered by Chinese characters; hundreds of small ceramic tiles of the same colour, onto which faces of Chinese people are printed; and a series of large photographs that are used by Lee for presenting events that have marked his life.

Born in Mongol, China, Lee graduated in 1988 from the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in Shen Yang, China. In 2001, he participated in group exhibitions at the Junction Arts Festival and the Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto, and the Art Museum of Guagdong, China.

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