CHRY faces ‘sweeps month’ through ‘Kaleidoscope’

How far will the media go to influence society? Does it have the ability to do so? Tune in to “Kaleidoscope” on CHRY 105.5FM on Friday, Feb. 28, from 3-4pm and join the discussion.

The following item about the “Kaleidoscope” program was sent to YFile by York International.

February is sweeps month when television and radio stations will vie for top billing. These battling stations will use celebrity guests, hard-hitting news items and will pull out all the stops to get the audience to tune in.

York International’s student initiative “Kaleidoscope” will attempt to probe the relationship between the media and society, the influence of corporate interests, gender differences in media and the social responsibility of the media. Veteran newsman Jim Reed, anchor of CBC’s “Newsworld International”, will be joining Todd Aalgaard, host of “Kaleidoscope”, in studio for a heart-to-heart discussion on these topics. The discussion will be complemented by an interview conducted by reporter Bihter Tomen in conversation with Carol Off, documentary reporter with CBC’s “The National”.

“Kaleidoscope” radio show is produced under the direction of York International by a team of dedicated domestic, international and exchange students.