Responding to trauma – York’s contribution

An estimated 70 per cent of the population in North America will experience trauma in their lifetime, in encounters ranging from motor vehicle accidents and serious illness to crime, natural disasters and international terror. But victims of trauma can, and do, recover with timely and appropriate intervention.

To enhance trauma response training in Canada, York University in conjunction with the Traumatology Institute of Canada will begin offering certificate courses this summer for both professional and non-professional caregivers.

“The need for specialized training has never been greater,” says Anna B. Baranowsky (above), academic coordinator of the program and executive director of the Traumatology Institute. “After trauma it is essential to know when to respond and how.”

Two non-degree certificate courses will be offered through the Division of Continuing Education, Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies. The 98-hour Certificate in Community and Workplace Intervention is designed for emergency response professionals, front-line community and social service providers, crisis workers, victim advocates, chaplains and clergy, emergency managers, human resource professionals, health care practitioners and others engaged in emergency and trauma work.

The 105-hour Certificate in Clinical Intervention is designed for psychologists, social workers, mental health counsellors, family therapists, employee assistance professionals, clinical supervisors and other practitioners who provide psychological treatment and therapeutic intervention for survivors of trauma.

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